The Benefits of Using A House Clearance Service

Whether you have an entire house to clear or just some accumulated clutter that just needs sorting out, a house clearance service will do the best job for you. You may want to clean out a deceased parent’s house or maybe you are left with goods that have been left from past tenants.  Hiring a house clearance service can get rid of everything in the property for you. It will be taken care of efficiently, quickly and more importantly, it will be disposed of responsibly.  

There are a number of benefits of using a house clearance service which we will look into more detail.


If the home has accumulated a lot of rubbish or waste over the years, clearing it could take some time.  This could be very inconvenient and difficult to yourselves especially if you are dealing with deceased family members possessions.  By hiring a house clearance service, you can ensure that removal tasks are handled instantly and efficiently.  They will consult you on the right time to clear and collect any rubbish which will give you peace of mind.


Recycling is an important step in any clearance process.  There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that there are many different types of rubbish and waste is collected during the house clearance.  A professional house clearance service will make sure that all the rubbish and waste is disposed of in the correct manner.  Also, some things can be donated to charity and these will need to be sorted through.  There are also ways of dealing with old electrical items that will need to be organised.  You will be assured that all your waste is done lawfully with recycling and responsible disposal.


Thinking about the environment is a very important factor with house clearances.  They will attempt to recycle as much unwanted furniture, items and waste as possible.  It is vital that we all do our bit for the planet and reduce the amount of waste which will make its way to landfill.  The suitable goods that you no longer want can help your community too.  Certain items that are in good enough condition can go to low-income families, the elderly etc who require certain items (furniture etc) in their homes.

Insured Against Damages

When you hire a house clearance service, the removal company that will be doing the house clearance will be insured against any damages that may occur.  If a piece of furniture is damaged that was going to be sold or is a treasured item, the house clearance service professional’s insurance will pay the damages. 

No Heavy Lifting

You will not have to do any of the heavy lifting yourself.  This is a big advantage especially if you are on your own or have any health problems.  Any furniture or boxes of household items will be lifted by the house clearance service professionals.  They are trained to do this and can do it quickly, efficiently and they will be insured too.

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